Tees for Gee’s

Tees for Gee’s is a new venture created by myself with the help of the talented designer Lily Charnock. It has been founded out of a long standing desire to help refugees and out of compassion for those who are struggling through no fault of their own.

Tees for Gee’s is a stylish, sustainable and humanitarian line of T-shirts. Ten percent of all profits are donated to Refugee Support Europe, an amazing charity working in and out of Europe to help refugees living in camps lead a more dignified life. To do this they run projects such as setting up ‘supermarkets’ where refugees can use their tokens to buy fresh produce. They also build play areas for children, set up ‘shopping malls’ for the adults and continuously raise money which allows them to distribute the basics such as blankets and clothing to as many as they can.

The needs of refugees are ever growing, as are their numbers, and so organisations such as Refugee Support who depend entirely on donations, desperately need help from the public so that they can continue to provide shelter, food and a sense of normality for those in the camps. So, not only does Tees for Gee’s provide an easy an accessible way to donate to Refugee Support, it also serves the purpose of raising awareness and support for their work and the reasons their work is needed.

In case you are wondering where the rest of the money goes, it is reinvested and also further dedicated to the promotion of human rights. At Tees for Gee’s and Meg Writes Human Rights the one and only focus is to raise awareness and help deplete human rights violations. Thats why the rest of the funds from each sale are committed to continuing and growing this blog which aims to educate the world and raise awareness of the challenges that many around the world are facing everyday. The starting point which allows people to help and make a difference, is to first know what difference needs to be made. Meg Writes Human Rights helps people to realise just this. So, with continued support from the public and purchasing one of our fabulous Tees, we can really start to make the world of difference.

To find out more and show your solidarity, you can visit us to make your purchase at Tees for Gee’s. You can also find us on instagram at @tees_for_gees.