A very serious humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Sudan, right now. But, you could be forgiven if you didn’t know what was happening even by now because the news coverage has been shockingly lacking.

Sudan has implemented a country-wide shutdown of the internet to stop the spread of information. Sadly, it has worked and I found myself discovering this horrendous news via Instagram. It is therefore imperative to use the power of social media to spread this news to bridge the gap where national news has been hindered.

Sudanese military deployed in Khartoum – Credit: AFP/The Independent

So what has happened? It started with peaceful pro-democracy protesters staging a sit in outside army headquarters in Khartoum where the ruling military party ‘The Transitional Military Council’ (TMC) currently sit. TMC took charge following the overthrowing of Omar al-Bashir when he was ousted and arrested after 30 years of rule. Bashir has not been seen since April, but the public prosecutors office has commented that his charges relate to “suspected illicit wealth and emergency orders”. Read More »