Malaysia to Abolish the Death Penalty

A shorter post this week bringing you a positive news update from Malaysia! The death penalty is a controversial topic with extremely divided opinion worldwide. Yes we are talking about criminals, but personally, I am against it and I am delighted to hear that Malaysia are making a monumental move to abolish their death sentence. In this major advancement pushed by their new government, Malaysia are set to join the 142 other countries who have banished the death penalty.

“[T]he new government has shown that “it is a force for moral good, and an example for the region and the world.” – Lawyers for Liberty/CBS News

malaysian flag

It was announced last week that the cabinet have accepted the bill to abolish the death penalty. Over the last ten years Malaysia has executed 35 individuals. Currently there are over 1,200 being held on death row in Malaysia, this includes Malaysians and foreign nationals. In the bid to abolish capital punishment the government is urged to not only ban future impositions of the death penalty, but extend a moratorium to those currently awaiting capital punishment in the country. Furthermore, a lawyer from Lawyers for Liberty (a Malaysian rights group) has added that once this abolition is complete,Read More »